Investment Practices

Technology Active Value Investments

Investment Approach

Alara Capital’s Technology Active Value Investment team searches for publicly-traded technology-enabled businesses in the TMT, or technology, media, and telecommunications markets that are under-capitalized, under-appreciated or under-managed. Whatever the constraint on growth, Alara Capital focuses on understanding the growth potential, and Alara Capital's ability to effect change and unlock a company’s potential. Alara Capital unlocks value by working with management and insiders to identify and remove barriers and resolve constraints to market leadership. Technology companies have often been neglected by active value investors and corporate debt and equity providers due to the heavy reliance cash flow and profit has on technologies that are either difficult to understand or have a potential obsolescence factor. The Alara Capital Active Value Investing team takes positions in public companies, partners with insiders, and helps management grow value. The team has interest in a variety of sectors, including communications, networking, semiconductors, defense, security, clean tech, energy, software, and digital media.