Investment Practices

Technology Growth Equity

Investment Approach

Alara Capital’s Technology Growth Equity practice provides capital for growth opportunities with technology-centric businesses that are not typically served by buyout firms, banking and corporate debt providers. Alara Capital targets companies on a strong growth trajectory but may be pre-profit or have gone into a negative EBITDA condition during the development of new technologies. Having a strong grasp of technology development operations and new market development through years of venture capital experience, Alara Capital’s growth equity practice can understand a management team’s vision for growth. Alara Capital has a wealth of experience understanding the tradeoffs required between building next generation products and current profit and loss statement constraints. Alara Capital provides capital to shore up the balance sheet, allowing companies to pursue growth in technology and new product markets while also providing support and resources to examine opportunities to acquire new technologies, license products or IP, or develop new geographic footprints for growth.

Alara Capital’s growth equity team is interested in companies operating in the information technology, clean tech, semiconductors, networking, telecommunications, defense and media industries.