Investment Practices

Early Stage Venture Capital

Investment Approach

Alara Capital’s early stage venture practice is staffed almost exclusively with former operators who have raised venture capital as entrepreneurs and had senior positions in multiple start-ups backed by traditional venture capitalists. Consequently, Alara Capital takes a very hands-on approach to partnering with management, becoming an extension of the team and helping management to develop product strategies, product marketing solutions, financing strategies, and recruiting.

Alara Capital’s early stage venture group thinks like entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs. With the vast majority of the team holding multiple technical degrees, the firm works hard to understand an entrepreneur’s vision for new technology or dislocation in a current market, and partners with entrepreneurs where a shared vision can be realized. The Alara team has helped entrepreneurs to refine tactics used in many aspects of building a business:

  • Working to refine strategies
  • Helping to identify features that allow a company to enter new markets
  • Working to develop global expansion plans
  • Introducing relationships and techniques to de-risk outsourcing of technology and the selection of foreign reps and dealers

Alara Capital tries to ensure that its entrepreneurs will only make “original” mistakes by helping them to learn from and avoid common pitfalls in tech start-up operations, and focus all their energy in creating disruptive solutions and rapid growth ideal for a high tech start-up.